Opebox AT-01

15.00  su PVM


Active indoor TV antenna Openbox AT-01.

General Information:

  • Active indoor television antenna intended for reception of signals of television programs transmitted with horisontal or vertical polarization in a frequency band (110-250MHz, and the channels 450-860 MHz VHF, UHF Channels) in analog or digital format.
  • The antenna has the ability to power supply +5 V (40mA) of a digital terrestrial receiver via coaxial cable or +5 V from external power supply. Power adapter purchased separately.
  • The antenna can work with mobile devices (caravans, yachts,boats,cars, etc.)
  • The antenna is designed to operate at temperatures ranging from 0 to +40C and the limiting value of the relative humidity of 96% at a temperature of 25C.
  • Antenna provides reception of television signals within the coverage area. The range and quality of administration depends on the installation location of the receiving antenna, the height of its suspension, power television transmitter, height and depth of the gain of the transmitting antenna, terrain, time of year, the level of interference and other factors.

Main Specifications and Features:

The antenna gain, dB less then                                                    21

Noise Figure dB, not more then                                                  1,5

The polarization of an electromagnetic wave                 Horisontal/Vertical

Impedance, Ohm                                                                             75

Size, mm (WxDxH)                                                                  190x170x12

Weight, kg                                                                                      0,208